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Introduction to Jasmine Bond Books

SERIOUS non-fiction; FLUFF romance


Jasmine Bond writes nonfiction to change the world one reader at a time. She also writes "lucid dreaming" type romance for an afternoon's feel good entertainment!

So whether you want to feel good about the changes in your life or just feel good, you have arrived at the right website. 

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For lawyers, psychologists and sisters

Get an upclose and personal view of covert and verbal abuse...

to help your client, your friend or family member, and yourself. 

The "Talk" series will allow you inside the emotional journey of the victim...

because only by understanding the forms and effects of subtle and covert abuse can we stand in the gap for change and healing.  

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What greater act of violence can you do than separate a man (woman, child) from his (or her) own selfhood? Michael Tsarion

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Connecting with "SELF" after Abuse

Revelations! Epiphanies! Inspired and documented "aha" moments revealing the thoughts, feelings and frustrations when beginning the definately painful and often isolated healing journey. Prose filled with charm, humor and Truths.

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The first in a series on exploring the relationship of humanity with 1) our planet 2) God 3) each other and 4) the Law of attraction.


Each book will have at least 30 plus essays since it is designed to read and meditate upon one each day of the month. Deepak Chopra states that in hearing an idea, even if we don't grasp it, our subconscious mind does. Come with an open mind. It's an exploration in expansion.


Take off your shoes and listen; the voice of the wind is speaking. Feel the holiness of the land and come with me on this mission. (JB)

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Bride of the Stone and The Legend of the Avery Rings

Go Stellar with Lana Martin

It's all here! Everything you are looking for in a romance novel. Travel to exotic places, meet excitingly powerful men; and in the end, unite the Universe and come back down to Earth with the man you truly love. 

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Enter the Lucid Dream of "Who's Your Daddy?"


As much as anything else, funerals are a family reunion. 

Welcome to the family and funeral of Coleman Jackson Douglas. 

At the top of the social registry, Coleman Douglas made an immense contribution to the growing southern city of Atlanta. At the reading of his "last will and testament" the family, like a house of cards, gets reshuffled. Many lives are immediately changed. The children of Coleman Douglas discover for real, Who’s Your Daddy?


THE COLONY - 33 Cats and a Dog

I proudly presented the most honored members of my family right after our first move. We lived in a home in Florida that we had to leave. Every sentient being has a story, and every single story is worthy of being heard. When it comes to feral cats and abandoned and runaway dogs, you can’t always know their full story. These unique and beautiful creatures, and I, personally feel it is important for you to know about their journey into The Colony. 

Books about what people have learned from interaction with cats are very popular. This is not that kind of book. This book is more about the technical working of owning and dwelling with and in a cat colony. 

I have struggled to keep them safe and give them a home. My work has been difficult. My purpose has been them. We recently moved again. It is hard on them, but they seem to thrive once the gathering together and making the move is behind them. 

Each move we have made together has been to escape extreme abuse by narcissists. Each home we have been in has presented a costly set of issues, both emotionally, physically and financially. Because I wanted so badly to share the joy of these wonderful creatures with you, our first book was put together without pictures and in the midst of our peril. I plan to do another book to showcase our new home and life together. It is not what we expected at all. But we are doing well as we make our mark and home on this new property.

On this website I have a page dedicated to The Colony and other rescue animals. Our goal is that we have a separate blog dedicated to them – 33catsandadog.com. 

Yes, just one dog! She came around, won our hearts and now she’s our Lady. 


Inside the BIG TOP

When life is good and filled with Love, creativity can abound. Such it was for the cats in New Cataburg!   

B.B. saw the tent set up for the coming circus and had this idea that the cats could use the tent for their own circus before the real circus troupe arrived. He engaged Patch’s help and Butters came onboard.  

Come see what happens under The Big Top and how it affected the town of New Cataburg!   

This book is brought to you by The Colony. They are the inspiration and they are the actors.   

We want to thank all those who contribute to royalty free graphics and photos from which we draw. Rescue and shelter work is costly. Together we can accomplish more!  


PRESENTING: Small Town America. What's really going on?


Our friend, Victoria, brings to light issues that are still plaguing our planet and the psyche of humanity.

Victoria tells of her personal experiences living in a small town and observing what is going on. This book is a call not only to open your eyes and see, but also encourages action. One voice, and then another, and then another, changes the landscape and brings us closer to Home. Some think we need the Ugly to see the Beauty. Not true. Those dwelling in the Ugly need a Lifeline, and that lifeline could be You. Those victimizing our planet and fellow humans and creatures need to be exposed in order to stop the pain and bring healing. Life will always be filled with ups and downs and problems, but really, wouldn’t you love to see cruelty and pollution end? It’s within your power to join hands as a community and make it so!  

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