New Home, New Rules. No trespassing my boundaries. My thoughts are private and my very own. Only enter to serve.  

When God is a “concept,” an image worshipped, then there is no God at all. For God flows through you from within and out into the world as Love and Acceptance. God is Love. Cause and Effect can be hell or heaven. Stay away from Narcissistic people who harm you and stay out of God’s Country. God is not a proclamation; God is love in action.   

Some people are psychopathic beyond the imagination. Some people major in destroying lives. When you try to control others, nothing good can come of it, only destruction comes. Appearances may look different but only destruction can come of control. 


Excerpt from Memories, Dreams, Reflections

I had dreamed once before of the problem of the self and the ego. In that earlier dream I was on a hiking trip. I was walking along a little road through a hilly landscape; the sun was shining and I had a wide view in all directions. Then I came to a small wayside chapel. The door was ajar, and I went in. To my surprise there was no image of the virgin on the altar, and no crucifix either, but only a wonderful flower arrangement. But then I saw that on the floor in front of the altar, facing me, sat a yogi – in lotus posture, in deep meditation. When I looked at him more closely, I realized that he had my face. I stared in profound fright, and awoke with the thought: “Aha, so he is the one who is meditating me. He has a dream, and I am it.” I knew that when he awakened, I would no longer be.   

BE THE YOGI, dream your wonderful life! 

Lotus in Homosassa. Photo by Jasmine Bond

Lotus in Homosassa. Photo by Jasmine Bond

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